Your source for custom crash bar bags and gear repair. High in quality, low in price.

I sell on etsy-logo .  Click “Etsy” to see my store, or use the menu above to navigate my full portfolio.  If you don’t see something you want, just ask.  I accept new projects.

Here are some examples of my recent projects…

2/2018 – Again, it’s been far too long since my last update.

Here is a custom job I did, a cutting board bag with an integrated knife pocket.


This next one is a map pocket replacement on a tank bag.


And below are a couple jackets that got brand new zippers.




11/2017 –  Well, it’s been a while since my last update. I will try to keep the page here a lot fresher in the future.  Here’s a few things I have going on lately.

I just finished a new fender bag that I know will make a lucky Husky owner proud.


Below is  rear tire that I installed some carbide studs into.  They’re the same ones used in cars. There’s a good number of studs in the center and less as the tire leans over.  This will give a winter commuter some control if they end up on a patch of ice.


An ongoing project that just never seems to get wrapped up is my fishing lure wallet.  This is a sample panel that I’ll eventually make into a 2 or 3 leaf zip up wallet.  it should hold 20-30 lures in a nice tight little package.


Below are some tool rolls I recently finished up,  Black and Sage Green.  Both are HD 1000d Cordura.


I even had one personalized…


Last but not least… I added a new member to my sewing machine collection. The machine has a bath of oil in the pan, and an oil pump to circulate it.  It’s hard to describe how smooth this machine runs, but when the phrase “runs like a sewing machine” was coined, they may have meant this very one.  Anyway, it’s a nice solid stitcher that will serve me well for a long time.



A boot zipper repair / replacement.  March 2017

Boot Zipper Repair


Pant Cuff Zipper Replacement, snaps too.  February 2017


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