Tool Bag, 6 x 9

The perfect replacement to your OEM tool bag, or just the one to build a tool kit in.

The tool bag measures  6″ x 9″ and has a velcro closure the full width of the flap.
It’s very handy and it was designed to be a direct replacement for the inferior KTM OEM tool bag.  Mine OEM bag failed, and more than likely, so has yours.  The design turned out great, so I decided to offer it in a variety of colors. It is really nice upgrade that is made to last.

It’s also available with black trim & olive drab trim, not shown.  Black on black is a great color choice.

0006a 0006b

Occasionally, I make some out of different materials, you know, for fun.  The next couple are made from urethane coated Kevlar, with black trim.  Not indestructible, but thin and tough.



Sometimes I make them out of vinyl, or cotton duck.  You never know.  It’ll hold your tools a LOT better than anything that came included in your tool kit.

Offered for $15 on my store.


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