About my stuff

I’m happy to give you a look behind the scenes into what machines I use and some of the in-process work.

This first machine is my heavy duty workhorse.  It’s a Brother DB2-B797 walking foot machine.  I use it for all heavy duty single needle work.  It’ll sew through pretty much anything, making nice consistent stiches.



Next up is my war era Singer 111W.  It is a two needle machine.  That means it has two threads coming in the top and two bobbins.  This lays down two evenly spaced stitches, 1/4″ apart, FAST.  It has a compound feed, meaning the needle actually moves with the feed dogs in an oval path – rather than a straight up and down motion.  This helps feed all layers of material evenly though the machine.


It’s good for sewing patches on, but it really excels at nylon ripstop work.  It’ll sew the slippery thin fabric up like a champ – like it was made for it.  Below is an example of the seam work on a rain fly and a pants repair.

4square  IMAG0121

Next up is my trusty Singer model 201.  It’s not quite as heavy duty or fast as the others, but it sews beautifully through surprisingly thick materials. It was originally sold as a home/hobby machine.  It’s all gear driven – no belts, and does not have a single piece of plastic on it.  Before I got the walking foot machine, this was it.CameraZOOM-20130515213822086

The most recent addition to the sweat shop, I mean sewing room, is my Singer model 107W1 Zig-Zag machine.  Both length and width of the stitch are fully adjustable. It’s a really impressive machine to run, you can hear the mechanical gears whirring along as the machine lays down up to 2500 stitches per minute.


Below is an example of a tight, almost embroidery like, stitch holding on a flap.  If overstitch overkill is what you’re after, this machine delivers.


Below are some other custom jobs that I’ve had requests for.  Stripes, patches, adjuster straps, etc.

  mAQQQpQ strapbruinsbagstripes



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