Tool Roll, a blackibags original.

This roll is awesome, and yes, I designed it myself based on some similar products. It’s offered at a great price.  You’re lucky enough to find me at an early stage in my bag making career, when I’m still trying to get my name out.  Well, this is the product I feel that I under price, just to get some buzz going.

These are some of the trim colors I currently have in stock – blue, black w/yellow stitching, black w/black stitching, orange and olive drab.  Other options include sage green, rust, and red. If you have a preference, just ask me before ordering.


Below is a view of it open.  There are four thin sleeves for wrenches and such, a large pocket behind that for pliers and larger items, and a mesh pouch for smaller do-dads like screws and a patch kit. It holds a surprising amount if tools.


And the pictures below show how the tools all go in and the size rolled up.  It fits tools up to 7″ high, and even a little bigger.

Below are some tool rolls showing some color variations in their closed state .

Top to bottom, there is: Olive drab, red, black, blue and orange.


Offered (at a steal) for $20 in my store.